Canoe rental

What is canoe? It can be a measured and interesting trip, where there will be an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the wild. Or, it will turn out to be a path with obstacles and bottlenecks, a road through the aground and wetlands. Is it great entertainment for extreme sportsmen and adrenaline supporters?

Choose a route for travel only to guests of the tour base "Kozak". The Dnipro, magnificent and picturesque, is glad to welcome the conquerors of its waters!

What includes alloy canoe?

  1. Boat rental for 2, 3, 4 seats in a complete set.
  2. Guided tour on the selected route.
  3. Delicious field cuisine with the preparation of national dishes.
  4. Swimming on wild beaches, organizing an evening program with contests and songs for the guitar.
  5. Overnight in broken tents.

Those who choose a similar tour not for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by the good condition of canoe and the high quality of service. Beginners should not be feared, because coping with a boat is easy enough. Traveling along the branched channel of the Dnipro, it will turn out to look into places that are inaccessible from the shore. You can also get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, feel like a real traveler.

Go on a canoe tour with a local water shaman, tour operator «Kozak»!

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We are located at: Kherson region. with. Otradokamenka, vul. Tourist, 1, (between Otradokamenka and Mykolaivka villages) on the Dnipro river bank